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This collection of articles is meant to educate those who want to or who are currently using thermal imaging technology. Everything from basic definitions of temperature to the laws of thermodynamics can be found here. We also will be adding specific thermography case studies. Check back often for new content.

Infrared Glossary

  • Our Glossary of Infrared Terms is the most inclusive and detailed list of related infrared heat definitions available anywhere. Don't remember Ohm's Law? Look it up here.

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    Featured Infrared Articles

    • understanding emissivityUnderstanding EmissivityJuly 20, 2010

      Emissivity can cause false readings in the field. Read Understanding Emissivity to find out why and what you can do about it.

      electromagnetic spectrumThe Electromagnetic SpectrumOctober 10, 2009

      The electromagnetic spectrum is so much more than what we see with the naked eye. Read The Electromagnetic Spectrum to find out how to see infrared electromagnetic energy on the electromagnetic spectrum chart.

      Thermal Imaging Review Gallery

      Visit our Thermal Imaging Review Gallery for actual images produced by the leading thermal imaging cameras on the market today.

    Article Submissions

    • Submissions WantedJuly 30, 2010

      With the launch of the new X26 Thermal imaging Review web site, we will be using this section to highlight submitted thermography reports and case studies from thermographers around the world.

    • We want to hear about your unique applications of thermal imaging, strange discoveries in the field, and remarkable success stories.
    • Please email your case study to our editor. Include a description of the scenario and how you resolved it. Attach images taken by your infrared camera.
    • If your submission is chosen, your work will be featured on this page with full citation and credit given to you. We will also announce the publication of your article in an email to all our site subscribers.