Thermal Infrared Products

Motoecycle Thermal Image

We provide flir infrared cameras and for a wide array of thermography uses. Our forward looking infrared systems come packed in ready to use right out of the box. We carry hand-held infrared cameras, goggles, scopes, sights, and binoculars. We have military grade PTZ security cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom), fixed, mobile, or marine platforms, as well as, sensor fused multiple sensor, IR cameras for construction, roofing, electrical maintenance, energy audits, health care, scientific research, security and law enforcement.


Night Vision Equipment

A10 Thunderbolt Night Vision

We offer the latest generation 3 and 4 digital night vision image intensified systems, which perform flawlessly in all environments. Our thermal night vision systems come packaged in hand-held, helmet and head mounted goggle, binocular, scope, sight or pan tilt zoom (PTZ) platforms. We offer single tube and multi tube night vision optics for the growing demands of law enforcement and military professionals applicable for any night time command and control missions for driving, navigating, or sighting.



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