Thermal Imaging for Home Energy Conservation

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Residential Infrared Energy Audits

Thermal infrared inspections are not just for large commercial organizations any more. Now affordable thermal home energy assessments can visually identify sources of home energy losses. Homeowners, potential home buyers, and residential contractors use infrared energy audits as a valuable tool to evaluate and then increase the energy efficiency of a home. Infrared camera scans find hard to detect air leaks, insuffient insulation, and moisture problems. Correcting thermal energy problems can save homeowners significant amounts of money over time.

home energy audit

Thermal infrared imaging can be used to find faulty doors by literally photographing the heat loss through the door. Infrared cameras display heat energy as visual images, providing a "picture" of energy loss that makes it easy to see where corrections need to be made.

Click here to read more about thermographic home inspections at the U.S. Department of Energy web site.

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home energy audit
Thermal cameras measure the surface temperature of an object and then display the thermal data as an infrared heat spectrum. In this example, the infrared camera visually shows temperature variations that rang from white in hot areas to black in cold places. The rainbow spectrum of colors represent varying degrees of temperature. Thermal images like these help energy auditors to determine where additional insulation is needed. IR cameras are an excellent quality control tool for contractors. The image on the left shows an area of missing insulation, represented in white and red, where substantial heat loss is occurring. Doing a complete thermal scan before purchasing a home will document defects in the thermal envelope of the house.